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All my online lessons are more than just lectures. I give an engaging explanation of the

day's topic; then you play deals to practice what you're learning in my awesome

Shark Bridge classroom. Afterwards, you see all four hands as I review the best techniques.

In addition to my scheduled lessons, I have several courses you can take

on your own time, complete with practice deals and video! 


Classes for Fall 2024 
are open for registration!
Click here for Fall schedule
Click here for Anytime Lessons

Quick Announcements for Fall 2024:


  • My online courses are now open for registration; click here for the full listing. 

  • I'll be hosting a Play & Learn game in-person in Newton, MA on Tuesday evenings starting Sept. 17th. Registration opens July 24 through Newton Community Education. See my course listing.

  • Beginner Bridge Fall 2024, click here!

Fall 2024 online courses include:

Monday evenings, starting Sept. 9

Beyond Beginner (Next Steps to Improve your Game)

Monday evenings, starting Oct. 21

Thoughtful Defense

Thursday afternoons, starting Sept. 12

Bid More Slams!

Thursday afternoons, starting Oct. 10

Three Common & Useful Doubles

Anytime Courses:

You can take any of these series online any time - complete

with practice hands, video explanations, & unlimited replay for

at least one year. Click here for details.

Or go directly to my Anytime website and register for a free account and free preview lessons.

Bidding Confidence Anytime Course

These lessons will help you understand the principles behind the most common bidding situations, so you can eliminate guesswork and memorization and bid with confidence! 

Follow the Clues Anytime Course

Learn how to use logic and inferences to find the winning plays.

Both Declarers and Defenders can spot clues to eliminate

guesses and earn top scores!

Declarer Play Basics Anytime Course

Covers the 4 basic techniques for taking all your tricks.

Fiendish Declarers Anytime Course

A more advanced Declarer Play series. Topics include end plays, squeezes, loser-on-loser plays and more.

Thinking Slam! Anytime Course

International champion Zach Grossack guest-teaches this series on bidding more slams.


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Recorded Lesson on How to Keep Score

in Bridge - Click here

Recorded Lessons on Defense!

with 2022 Player of the Year Zach Grossack

Click here.

Acquire a set of 9 advanced defense video

lessons -- recordings of Kim and Zach's course from Spring 2021. (These are videos only - no Shark Bridge practice.) But you won't see this set of advanced defensive techniques anywhere else!

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