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I started teaching bridge in 2015, and have taught over 1000 students in class sizes ranging from four to one hundred. I have ACBL accreditation and have studied the methods of renowned teachers such as Audrey Grant, Roberta Salob and Larry Cohen. In my classes students learn a new theme or topic each week. I start with clear explanations of each concept and then the students play hands that reflect the lesson. We discuss the bidding, play, and defense after each hand. I sometimes use brief quizzes or exercises to practice the lesson, and leave plenty of time for questions and answers. Students always receive handouts explaining the day’s topic, and a record of the hands played in class. And, I love receiving and answering e-mail questions from students about hands that come up when they play.



Most of my classes are suitable for students of varying levels of bridge play, although some classes are more challenging than others.

- Beginners: If you are ready to learn this great game, I might have an introductory course for you! I can also refer you to other beginner courses in the area.

- Advanced beginners:  Generally these classes assume that you know the basics of bridge and could sit with three others and play the game on your own. If so, you’re ready to join a class for Advanced Beginners and above.

- Intermediates: If you already play some duplicate bridge, you’re an Intermediate and you will get a lot of new knowledge and helpful tips from my lessons.

If you have any doubt about whether a specific class is right for you, please call or send me an e-mail and we’ll figure it out together.


Students in all my classes are encouraged to enroll with a partner. One of the unique things about bridge is that it's played by a team of two, and many of the most interesting and fun challenges come from communicating with your partner through bids and carding. It will help your game tremendously if you can learn with a favorite partner, although singles are very welcome and will be paired up in class.


At this time my schedule rarely allows for private foursomes or one-on-one playing lessons, but I do have excellent bridge teacher colleagues ready to assist you. Please contact me for recommendations if this is your interest!

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