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If you want to conquer the game of bridge and have a lot of fun doing it, Kim is the instructor for you.  Camilla R., Hamilton

Kim is an accomplished, highly skilled bridge player who breaks down and clearly, patiently explains bridge concepts, techniques, and conventions. She is an excellent role model, showing how to be competitive in a humble friendly manner. My game has improved immensely.  Sue R., Burlington


Kim is the finest teacher I have encountered. She explains complex conventions and strategies thoroughly, intelligently and in a way which is easily comprehensible. In just a few weeks, the lessons have enabled my partner and me to finish 4th in a duplicate bridge competition. That's amazing.    Bill C., Boston


Intelligent, fun, and patient, Kim is a super teacher. She varies her teaching style to help us understand some of the more difficult conventions. Ashley & Peter, Lexington

When I started taking classes with Kim a few months ago I knew practically nothing about bridge, and I’ve already learned enough to start playing my first duplicate games! Kim excels at taking her students through the complexities of bridge in a clear, methodical way.

Christopher D., Melrose


Kim's calm but professional manner makes learning bridge both manageable and fun. She is organized and thorough in her approach. We always leave with new techniques and eager for the next session!   Betty R., Ipswich


When a student asks a question about a recent hand, Kim miraculously understands and can recreate the situation and make a teaching lesson for all out of it. Kim's instruction is clear and moves along at a good pace. She backs up the rules/recommendations with the "why" which makes it stick better. Kim is always kind and respectful. What a pleasure!   Katharine P., Hamilton

Kim is an excellent bridge instructor and we learned a lot in her class. She is very good at explaining difficult concepts and is very patient. We would not hesitate to take another class.   Kathy and Thornton A., Carlisle


Kim is both an inspiring bridge teacher and has the patience of Job. Her style of teaching and deep knowledge of the game allows her to get difficult concepts across to her students. I wish I had met her earlier in my bridge career.  Lucy R., Manchester


Kim teaches conventions and play-of-hand techniques clearly and concisely. After learning about a topic, you play lots of practice hands to see how both conventions and play-of-hand techniques work which really reinforces the lessons.   Alicia M., Concord


Kim has a very gentle & patient manner about her, so you never feel stupid or left behind if you don't grasp a concept at once.  Angela R., Hamilton


Kim is patient, knowledgeable, and demanding in such a way that she makes a student feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. Beth P., Essex


Kim is the only bridge teacher I've had who clearly presents and thoroughly explains in a very comprehensive manner the various bridge concepts. She is an excellent teacher with a great teaching style!  Christine, Beverly

Kim's teaching methods served to bring me into the 21st century. She boosted my self confidence to the point that I'm now playing duplicate bridge on my way to obtaining master points.   Richard M., Bedford

Kim's explanations of conventions and plays make so much sense that it really is fun to play.   Marjorie R., Beverly

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