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Bridge takes an investment of time to learn, but once you do, you'll be rewarded with

a lifetime of fun mental challenges, social gatherings with friends old and new, and

lots of entertainment. Three Great Reasons to Play Bridge -- Click Here!

Learn to Play Bridge Online!

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YES! You can learn to play online! Since Fall 2020, Kim and her team have taught over 1,000

new players our wonderful game! (Yes one thousand!!) We will walk you through every step in a fun-filled environment. In these classes you learn by actually playing, not just listening to lectures. Our methods are

successful in turning you into a bridge player -- just ask any of our recent graduates!

Our next Beginner Bridge Course 

Starts September 14, 2023

Thursdays, Sept 14 - Oct 26 (7 weeks) 

6:00 - 7:45 PM Eastern Time

Location: Online via Zoom and our bridge website

Part 1A: The Very Basics (3 weeks)


Sept 14 - Taking tricks, using trumps


Sept 21 - Play Mini Bridge


Sept 28 - Trick-taking strategies; What is Bidding?


Part 1A of Beginner Bridge assumes no prior knowledge of the game.
These three lessons will introduce you to the mechanics of the game and give you a feel for strategy and goals.


Part 1B: Introduction to Bridge Bidding (4 weeks)


Oct. 5 - Opening and Responding to a Major Suit Opening Bid


Oct. 12 - Opening and Responding to a No-trump Opening Bid


Oct. 19 - Opening and Responding to a Minor Suit Opening Bid


Oct. 26 - Keeping Score, Practice Playing


In Part 1B, you’ll engage in the game complete with bidding, play and defense. If you’ve played

some bridge before but need a refresher, you can skip Part 1A and join this series. Brand new

players should take all 7 lessons. Be ready to play bridge with your friends by the end of October! 


Part 1A only: $69 (3 lessons) - Register here.

Part 1B only: $89 (4 lessons) - Register here.

Parts 1A + 1B: $139 (save with all 7 Beginner lessons) - Register here.


Students are requested to also purchase a bridge guide book* (available online for about $15).

Bridge is played by two partners against another pair, so bring a partner (or a foursome!) if you can.

Singles are welcome and will be paired up in class. 

At the conclusion of the course, we offer opportunities for follow-up classes for practice and further

skill-building. We also help match partners and foursomes to play for fun!

Registration is now open, click here

*The book is Bridge Basics 1 - An Introduction by Audrey GrantMany used copies available on Amazon too!

PS -- We expect that some students might have to miss a class, and we provide homework and web-based

resources to help you catch up. However, signing up for this course means a commitment to attend all the lessons

as best you can, as the learning is progressive and you will fall too far behind if you miss multiple lessons.

Looking for in-person Beginner bridge in Eastern Massachusetts? Check out classes with these great teachers:

  Click for Lexington                   Click for Concord

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