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Zach Grossack 

Kim is thrilled to feature four-time National Champion Zach Grossack as star teacher for occasional lesson series. 


Zach comes from a bridge-playing family and has been playing bridge himself since the age of 9 — so fourteen years now. He became a Life Master at the age of 12.

Zach was just 17 when he and his brother Adam won their first Open National Championship in 2014, playing against the best players of all ages in the U.S and the world. Since then, he has won three more national titles and at the age of 23 became the youngest Grand Life Master in ACBL history.

Zach not only excels in bridge play, but is a pro at teaching the game to those who are learning and improving. Zach engages students with succinct and memorable bridge tips, combined with fascinating real-life examples and lots of humor. In all Zach's classes, you will learn a useful bridge strategy, then play practice hands in class with immediate feedback from Zach.

Zach's current lesson series is "Become an Expert Defender" which takes place online on Wednesday evenings, April 7 - June 2, 2021. Register for all 9 classes, or 1 at a time. Click here for details, or select "Book Online" from the menu above.

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