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Visit to Edinburgh

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

I'd only been in England a few days, but it was time to depart for Edinburgh, Scotland. The mission: to meet up with my friend Cheryl, who very impressively is about to embark on a 10-day hiking trip all over northern Scotland. I grabbed the chance to fly to Edinburgh to sightsee and spend time with her before the hiking commenced.

I flew from one of London's airports I'd never heard of: Luton. It's closest to our house in Oxfordshire and smaller than Heathrow and Gatwick, yet still a major international airport and very busy. It was an hours-long project to drive to the airport, pass through security, walk to gates, etc. despite being only a 50-minute flight. To our surprise Luton also charges £5 to pick up or drop off a passenger at the curb! The cost of flights isn't too bad, but the time involved has me re-thinking how many destinations we want to fly to during our sabbatical. Maybe we'll get more out of each day sticking closer to home?

But I'm glad I had the opportunity to visit Edinburgh with Cheryl. We had warm sunny weather and everyone we met was very friendly. That makes a big difference to the experience of a visitor. The tourist areas were crowded, but I enjoyed seeing the sights, sampling the cuisine, and learning a bit more about Scotland and its history. Robin and I are excited about an upcoming road trip we have planned to Scotland's Isle of Skye in October.

Next up: we turn in our rental car and pick up our one-year lease car in Sheffield. It's been weirdly difficult to find a car for just a year, and we have to drive a few hours' round trip to Sheffield to obtain it, but we'll make a day of it with Gin and Bentley riding along.

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