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London Cocktail Week

We don't need an excuse to visit London, but "London Cocktail Week" seemed like a MUST. Here was an opportunity to sample drinks from some of London's nicest cocktail bars at reduced prices. Our niece Mia and her boyfriend Jay joined us for the festivities last Wednesday. Sure it was raining as we made our way from place to place in the area of Covent Garden (one of many areas with hundreds of bars we could have chosen.) We didn't mind the rain too much, but I'm sorry to say Robin and I are OLD and we ran out of steam after only four bars and one good Mexican dinner!

But London is very much into fancy cocktail culture, and we have lots of good info now on other places to try. I love London so much, and we will be back!

As for Cocktail week, we all concurred that two of our places were big hits, one was OK, and the other was a FAIL. See that tall green drink with the pink topping in the second row of photos? SO WEIRD. We don't even KNOW what the pink stuff was (a marshmallow maybe?) and the whole thing was flavorless.

But here was the big winner, the tall pink drink in the first photo from a bar called Rooftop:

THE ROOFTOP O'CLOCK Broken Clock vodka, lychee, raspberries, pomegranate, ginger and lime juice.


We also want to return with future visitors to Mr. Fogg's Society of Exploration, a visually-fantastical place with an unusual special. Artichoke liqueur anyone? This is the drink in the second photo:

THE FIRST LOOK Dewars 8yo Caribbean Smooth Scotch whisky, Cynar artichoke liqueur, pineapple & coconut syrup and fresh lime juice.

This week we head to Rome. I'm excited as it will be my first visit to Italy. Robin has been working very hard to polish up his Italian.... Ciao for now!

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