My name is Kim Gilman and I love playing and teaching the great game of bridge! I live in Carlisle, MA and have taught more than one thousand students in the Boston area. Now, I teach students from all over, in online bridge classes!


My classes are different than the online lecture/quiz lessons. In my classes, every student plays hands to practice what you are learning. I use a special online bridge teaching program which replicates what I did in-person: I give you the lesson of the day, and you play hands to practice. After each deal, you see all four hands "face-up" and watch me "replay" them talking about the important strategies to be learned.


My goals at BridgewithKim are to help you learn useful techniques, meet new bridge friends, and go on to achieve success in the game.....all while having fun and enjoying yourself in class.


At left: Kim got a great tip after playing against NY expert Mel Colchamiro at the 2018 Nationals in Philadelphia. Mel is the author of many famous "Mel's Rules."

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