I am excited to offer a full schedule of online bridge classes. My classes are not lectures. I give an engaging explanation

of the day's topic via Zoom, but then you will play hands in the amazing Shark Bridge classroom to practice what

you're learning. Afterwards, you see all four hands as I replay each deal to demonstrate the correct techniques.

Click  below for full details, including exact dates & topics, prices, registration, and payment methods for all classes.

Or send an e-mail to kgilman11@gmail.com letting me know which course(s) you want to take.

Classes in Feb-Mar 2021  (Details Here)

Bidding to Make Your Life Easier -- Adv. Beginners

Monday Afternoons, 1:00 - 2:50 PM EST


Feb 22 — New Minor Forcing

Mar 1— Help! Coping with Misfits

Mar 8 — Respond Accurately to Takeout Doubles

Mar 15 — Roman Key Card for Slams


$75 for all 4 lessons, paid in advance.

Advanced Competitive Bidding -- Intermediate +

Tuesday Afternoons, 1:00 - 2:50 PM EST

When the opponents interfere, decisions in competitive auctions confound even the experts. But we can give you a few guidelines for coping, even profiting, from the opponents’ intrusions.


Feb 16 — Push them up a level?

Feb 23 — Is partner’s double for takeout or penalty?

Mar 2 — The Trap Pass and the Reopening Double

Mar 9 — Should I Sacrifice?


$75 for all four, paid in advance.

The Tuesday classes are best-suited for those with some duplicate bridge experience.

Declarer Play Wednesdays

Wednesday Afternoons, 1:00 - 2:50 PM EST

In the Shark Bridge classroom, you declare every hand!

If you’re ready to “think like an expert” in your declarer play, join us for some great tips and challenging hands that will open your eyes to the amazing opportunities for taking those extra tricks. 


"Fearless Declarers"


Feb 10 — Manage Your Entries

Feb 17 — Keep the “Danger Hand” Off Lead

Feb 24 — When Not to Finesse

Mar 3 —  Deception, Psychology, & Restricted Choice

Mar 10 — The Art of Counting


$90 for all five, paid in advance.

           Classes in April-May 2021  

Kim's class schedule for Spring 2021 (April-June) is now available! Click here for full details!

Highlights for Spring 2021:

Expert Defense with superstar Zach Grossack ⭐️ 

This is a very special opportunity to change your game on defense. Become an Expert Defender!

Wednesday evenings starting April 7

Bidding in Competitive Auctions

Advanced Beginners +

Monday & Thursday afternoons starting April 5

The Next Level

Intermediates +

If you want to win more often, try this "variety" class. Each week is a lesson designed for the competitive player who wants to take their game to a higher level.

Tuesday afternoons starts April 6.

Kim's Learning Games

All levels

Play a friendly duplicate game and pause every two boards to discuss with Kim the proper bidding, play, and defense on each hand.

Thursday evenings starting April 15.

To sign up for any class, send an e-mail to:  kgilman11@gmail.com.

Beginner Bridge, click here!